High Waisted Tartan Shorts from Topshop: do not want


You may not think it, but over the course of 2009, The Fashion Police learned to like, if not exactly to love, a few items of clothing that we’d previously always considered to be crimes of fashion.

We learned, for instance, to like high waists on certain items of clothing.

We learned that tartan, if done right, can actually be quite refreshing.

What we did not and will not accept, however, that this combination of the two, as applied to these knee-length shorts from Topshop, which were another find by Fashion Super-Sleuth, Mousy, could be acceptable to us under any circumstances. Because, as Mousy correctly points out, they look a lot like boxers, and not even Topshop’s suggestion, "tuck in a tee and wear with thick tights and lace-up boots" can ever remove that association from our minds now.

If, on the other hand, you think these are just the way to start 2009, they’re £38. You’re welcome.

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