High waist jeans: still refusing to just die, already

Highwaist_jeans This past weekend, your Chief of Police had the misfortune of having to sit through a home video of herself from the 90s. And she was wearing high waisted jeans in it. Trust us when we tell you that’s not a sight anyone should ever have to see again, which is why we have redoubled our fight against the high waisted jeans – and why we were horrified to find this pair new in at ShopBop this week.

Has this trend not died, yet? Seriously, these things tortured us all of last winter: are they really back to plague us all again? It would seem so.

Of course, the high waists are a love/hate thing, and we know some of you – maybe even a lot of you – are firmly in favour of them. We’re sure those people will make them work, and will even look good in them.

Us? Not if you paid us, thanks very much …

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