High Tide Heels: now scuba divers can commit crimes of fashion, too


Sometimes it’s not enough for people to commit crimes of fashion in their everyday lives. Sometimes they want to look madder than a box of frogs even when they’re under the ocean. Oh yes they do. For those people, there  are High Tide Heels – flippers with a stiletto heel on them. So, not only do you get to look like a giant duck, you get to look like a giant duck in heels. Wonderful.  I mean, I’m well known for my belief that I can do  just about anything in high heels that you can do in your flats, but, you know, sometimes you shouldn’t try to.

No one seems to know how  to actually buy these, and I guess that’s a good thing. I’m sure Britney would absolutely love them…

[source: Style Dash]

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