High Street Shopping: Yellow leather look bow gloves from River Island

yellow bow gloves

We know -because the fashion magazines never tire of telling us – that accessories are a great way to add character to a dull outfit, and give a grey day/outfit a “pop of colour”.

(Aside: is everyone else as tired of the phrase “pop of colour” as we are? Yes? Good.)

We also know – because the chill in the air tells us so – that gloves are pretty essential around this time of year. Chilblains just aren’t trendy, are they?

Put these two things together, and you end up with these yellow bow-front gloves. They’re not real leather (which is honestly a bit disappointing given the £25 price tag), but they ARE very cute, very cheerful, and if you kind of half-close your eyes and squint a bit, they look ever-so-slightly like daffodils. Which is nice.

Just no one mention rubber gloves, OK?

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