High Street Shopping: Topshop clean t-shirt satin maxi dress


We’ve always been slightly suspicious of maxi dresses. Oh, don’t get us wrong: we like them… on other people. On other people, the maxi dress can look effortlessly elegant, casual-yet-dressy, and that little bit different from all of the other dresses out there.

On us, though? On us, a maxi dress can easily make us look like we’re en route to a costume party: or like we’ve just been watching far too much Downton Abbey. And honestly, the length issues alone are enough to put us off, because if you’re anything less than model height, you’ll know that any maxi dress you try to pluck off the racks will trail along the floor behind you, gathering dust bunnies and other items as you go. Not a great look.

We’d be willing to overlook all of this, however, for Topshop’s clean t-shirt satin maxi dress. Great colours, great shape, and the kind of dress that’s totally simple, and yet very striking all at the same time. This would be really easy to dress up with a statement necklace or other jewellery, and we love the clean lines and beautiful jewel tones.

Buy it here.

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  • November 16, 2012


    I love the colours but not the fabric/ shape, which seem to make even the mannequin look like it has a big belly. I prefer my maxi dresses more flowy (Maria Lucia Hohan style).

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