High Street Shopping: Louche ‘Ivy’ bow cardigans

Louche 'Ivy' bow cardigans

Louche ‘Ivy’ bow cardigans, £29

The Fashion Police are big fans of the humble cardigan. They keep you warm when it’s cold out (well, d’uh!), dress down too-fancy outfits, and make strappy dresses and tops suddenly appropriate for all kinds of settings they’d otherwise have been deemed semi-scandalous in. Honestly, we’d be lost without them. In fact, we feel like we should award them some kind of medal for services to style. We’ll look into that.

Good cardigans, however, as is always the case with many of those so-called “wardrobe essentials” can be hard to find, (And why is it that the simplest things are always the trickiest to track down, anyway?) which is why we were so happy to come across this little ‘Ivy’ cardigan by one of our current favourite brands, Louche.

This ticks all of our boxes for knitwear: it’s close-fitting (nothing’ll make you look matronly quicker than a saggy cardi*…), has long-sleeves (unlike all of those elbow and three-quarter-length versions, which may look pretty, but which really need another cardigan over them in order for the to fulfil the purpose of actually keeping you warm…), and, most importantly of all, are super-cute, in two bright, cheerful colours.

And they’re only £29, too. Go get ’em

*TFP TOP TIP: To avoid the “saggy cardi” effect, always buy at least one, maybe even two sizes down, even if it means shopping in the children’s section. As long as it buttons up without looking stretched, it’ll look far more chic than a looser fit.

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  • December 7, 2012


    Like the style, but materials are inferior: 83% Viscose, 17% Polyamide. Then again, it’s £29… But I am not willing to stuff my wardrobe with synthetic knitwear.
    The colors are ok, but I wish there was something navy, or beige.

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