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High leg gladiator sandals: still ugly?


We’ve talked about the invasion of the gladiator sandals before at The Fashion Police, and we think it would be fair to say that the high legged versions haven’t found too many fans here. Not that they care, of course. No, our gladiator friends are pressing forward with their mission to take over the world. one leg at a time, with these two styles currently selling at Topshop for £50 per pair. Now, the Olsen twins and Kimberley Stewart can’t be buying all of the high leg gladiator sandals we’ve been seeing around lately, which begs the question: who is? We certainly haven’t seen any in the environs of the Fashion Police HQ, and while the evidence isn’t conclusive, we’re starting to suspect that it’s one of those so-called trends that exists only in the strange land of the fashion press, and not in people’s actual wardrobes.

Who’s wearing all the high leg gladiators? Is it you?

Fashion Trends: Gladiator sandals


We touched on this yesterday, but just in case you thought we were joking when we said this year’s most ubiquitous shoe would be the gladiator sandal, here’s the proof that we weren’t. It’s pretty hard to visit a shoe store at the moment without seeing a pair of gladiators staring you in the face: whether they’re stiletto heeled (Just like the real gladiators used to wear!), traditional flats or winding way the hell up the leg, there’s definitely plenty of them around – just see the image above if you still don’t believe us. Mary-Kate Olsen loves them, but do you? Will you be getting some gladiators for summer, or will you just be glad to see the back of them when winter rolls around?

1. Azzedine Alai stiletto gladiator sandals, $625;
2. Oasis gladiator sandals, £30;
3. Jessica Simpson gold gladiator sandals, $68.95;
4. Topshop gladiator sandals, £20;
5.  high leg gladiator sandals, 5.  ASOS, £30; 6. Carlos by Carlos Santana Women’s Battle Gladiator Sandals, $98.99

Guiseppe Zanotti’s gladiator sandals are scaring us…

Gladiator sandals

You don’t have to be a member of The Fashion Police to know that gladiator sandals are having a "moment" this summer. No, all you need is a pair of eyes in your head to see that almost every shoe designer has faithfully produced a pair, and if you thought that the sudden influx of gladiator sandals last year was a sign that their popularity had peaked, well, you ain’t seem nothin’ yet…

Which brings us to Giuseppe Zanotti and his attempt to board the gladiator train with these snake print sandals. We don’t know about you, of course, but it’s not really doing it for us. The design seems to owe something to the Birkenstock – a shoe that we’d happily banish to fashion hell – with its attempt to make the foot that wears it look as ugly as possible. Why would you want to make your feet look ugly? We have no idea. Ask Giuseppe Zanotti: they’re his shoes…

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