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High heels are painful, and other common misconceptions about fashion

People say the strangest things. And when it comes to the wonderful world of fashion, sometimes people say things that just aren’t true: or not ALL the time, anyway.

We think it’s time to set the record straight on certain matters, so here are some common misconceptions about fashion, and our responses to them…

who says high heels are impractical?

High heels are painful, and no one can actually walk in them

For people who don’t wear heels, it’s almost impossible to understand how on EARTH anyone can walk in them. As far as these people are concerned, high heels are just torture devices, and anyone who claims to find them comfortable is outright lying. “I don’t believe she wore those all day,” they say. “She must have had flats in her bag or something, because no one could walk around in those all day without crippling themselves!”

It’s true that SOME high heels are painful, of course, and it’s also true that not everyone can (or should) wear them. It’s NOT true, however, to suggest that ALL heels are uncomfortable, and that NO ONE can walk in them easily. Not everyone has the same lifestyle or comfort level. Just because YOU would find a particular pair of shoes difficult to walk in, it doesn’t mean no one else could possibly be able to wear them either. Actually, for women who wear heels often, wearing them can become second nature, and they can feel just as comfortable as flats do to you. That’s not to say that all heels are comfortable for all people in all situations: obviously not. But it doesn’t follow that all heels are UNcomfortable, either.

Sunglasses should only be worn in summer: people who wear them any other time are just vain

Why do so many people think sunglasses are a “warm weather only” kind of thing? The clue is in the name: they’re SUNglasses, not HEATglasses, and even in the coldest of climates, it can be sunny at any time of year. (Actually, here in the frozen North, where the Fashion Police HQ is located, the low winter sun is much brighter and more dangerous than the summer sun, hence the need for sunglasses in winter.) As for the “vain” accusation, well, we’re sure there are some people who wear sunglasses purely because they think they look good, but the same could be said for most fashion accessories, and for every person who’s wearing them to “pose” in, there are others who are sensitive to sunlight, or perhaps just really self-conscious about their appearance.

Dresses are more complicated and uncomfortable to wear than other clothes

If you’re a dress-wearer, you probably hear this one all the time. “Why are you so dressed up?”, immediately followed by, “Oh, I just couldn’t be bothered wearing a dress every day!” This totally perplexes us, because unless you’re wearing a dress with some kind of old-fashioned, lace-up corset attached to it (or one that’s a few sizes too small), dresses aren’t actually any more “difficult” to put on than a pair of jeans, say, and they’re not any more “uncomfortable”, either. In fact, many dress fans would argue that the opposite is true: there’s nothing easier or more comfortable than a simple dress!

Skinny jeans can only be worn by skinny people

We’ve said it before, but “skinny” in this context describes the cut of the leg, not the size of the wearer. You don’t have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans: just make sure you’re wearing the right size, and that they flatter your bodyshape -whatever size it is.

Tall women shouldn’t wear heels

Last we checked, there was no law preventing this. We realise that some tall women feel self-conscious in heels, but being tall is nothing to be ashamed of, so if you want to wear a pair of heels then there’s nothing in the world to stop you.

Any fashion misconceptions you’d like to put right?

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