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Style On Trial: High heeled Dr Marten boots


We’ve spoken about Dr Marten boots before here at The Fashion Police, and despite Agyness Deyn’s attempts to revive the brand, they still tend to get a bit of a mixed reaction, with some of you loving them, and the rest not exactly hating them, but not being in much of a rush to drag them back out of the 90s vault either.

Do these high heeled versions change your feelings about Dr Martens, we wonder? We don’t mind the original DMs – on other people – but we kinda feel like if you’re going to wear them, wear them in all their masculine-looking glory, rather than adding a high heel, which, although not exactly “high”, still looks just a little out of place to us. Also: they remind us of stiletto-heeled Timberland boots, a la J. Lo, and that’s not something we ever like to be reminded off, you know?

What do you think, Fashion Force? A crime of fashion or just a cute new way to wear Docs? (Oh, and if you love them, they’re £75 at Browns)

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