Dress of the Day: Herve Leger colourblock mini dress

Herve_leger_dress It’s a dress designed only for those with supreme confidence in their figures, but hey, if that sounds like you, the Herve Leger bandage dress is a classic and it’ll also have a “molding and sculpting” effect, making you look even better.

If we were going to be buying a bandage dress (which we’re not, we hasten to add – no one panic), this would probably be the one, because we love the mix of colours used here. Both the price tag ($1250, seeing as you asked) and the nightmares we keep having about what our butts would look like in it will hold us back, of course, but if you want it, this dress is now available to order at Saks.

What does everyone think of the bandage dress? Would you wear one?

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