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Heroes in a Half Skirt: Andrea Crews provides the worst of both worlds

Heart telling you to jump aboard the midi-skirt bandwagon, but head telling you to stick to the minis you know and love?

Don’t worry, there IS a middle ground: a place where midi and mini meet, mate and live happily ever after. Or possibly not. That middle ground is occupied by Andrea Crews, who has set up camp there, and is busy producing her half midi/half maxi creations, which mix fabrics, as well as lengths.

If you think the example at the top of the page is bad, though, just wait until you get a look at THIS bad boy:


Denim and lace should NEVER collide, should they? It’s like a really bad day down at Dollywood. All it needs is a bleach-blonde perm (with the roots showing, natch) and a pair of white stilettos.

This, friends, is why The Fashion Police are imposing a new law banning this kind of experimentation of this kind. No good can come of it. These hybrids will take over the world, we tell you!

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