Meet the Midaxi: the new hem length in town

Today, readers, we add a new word to the Fashion Police glossary: meet the “midaxi” skirt!

Red midaxi skirt from ASOSA new word it may be, but this isn’t exactly a new idea: skirts this length would’ve been pretty commonplace during the early part of the 20th century (and at various times since), and as the name suggests, this is a hem length which falls somewhere between a midi and a maxi. Hence “midaxi”. Clever, huh?

We think we can probably predict what you’re going to have to say about this. ASOS, bless them, have done their best to make the midaxi look appealing, by making it in a bright red colour, and giving the model some skyscraper heels and a dinky little clutch bag:

bright red midaxi skirtEven so, this is a REALLY difficult length to wear without looking frumpy. Like it’s younger sister, the midi skirt, this skirt is going to have magic “stumpifying” properties for some of us, drawing a line right across the widest part of the calf, and if you hated the midi, you’ll probably hate the midaxi, too. Lacking the drama of the maxi skirt or the elegance of the midi, it can just hang there, all sad and droopy, just begging to have a large swathe of material chopped off the bottom.

It’s a lot more matronly and old-fashioned (as opposed to charmingly retro) than most shoppers are used to at the moment, so we’re wondering what you’re going to make of it. Will you rush to embrace the midaxi, pleased to have an alternative to the various other options available in the world of hemlines? Or do you think this one is best avoided?

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