Help Brooke Hogan! Buy her a new pair of jeans!


Ooh, now that looks a bit chilly, doesn’t it? I bet my  mum could  run  her up  a couple of patches for those in no time at all. Maybe I should ask her, because times are clearly hard for Brooke Hogan, folks: so hard that she hasn’t even got a full pair of jeans to call her own. Maybe we should all club togther to buy her some decent clothes? Or maybe we should just arrest her for being a fashion criminal – what do you think?

What I love most about this outfit is the way the jeans have been carefully cut open to create a "knicker window" – a portal to Brooke’s pants, like the window in a peep show, through which a stripper can be seen dancing. In this case, though, it’s Brooke’s underwear we can see dancing, and that’s not cool, is it?

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