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Heirloom commit double-denim clothes crime: and other crimes, besides!

How many crimes of fashion can you spot in this image, readers? Let’s count ’em together:

1: It’s double-denim. Yeah, we know it’s painfully trendy right now, but we still see a Texas Tuxedo here, and we can’t get on board with it, can you?

2. The “jacket” and “skirt” are stuck together. That’s one count of Stuck-Together-Clothes, right there. Why would you want your jacket to be stuck to your skirt, we ask you?

3. It’s made to look like the jacket has been tucked into the skirt? Who tucks their jacket into their skirt? WHO?

OK, so that’s only three crimes (Unless, of course, you can spot another that we’ve missed?) but somehow the overall impression created by this garment is of many, many more. Oh, and it’s  £440. Shall we add Daylight Robbery to the citation sheet?

Get it here.

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