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Heelys – WHY?

Heelys_2While we’re on the subject of the fashion crime that is Crocs, let’s just have a brief word about Heelys. I’d ban Heelys in a New York minute – not for any particular fashion-related reason (what kids choose to wear may be a mystery to me, but it’s not one I care to unravel), but because if one more kid comes barreling into me because they were whizzing along the supermarket floor on their Heelys and they didn’t know how to stop, I won’t be responsible for my actions.

Now I keep on stumbling across all of these Shock Horror! reports on how Heelys could actually be – get this – dangerous! No! Ya don’t say? Not so long ago, a woman who lives near Fashion Police HQ tried to sue Heelys because her kid broke an arm while wearing them. Now, surely it must have occurred to this woman that wearing shoes with heels on the soles could be just a wee bit dangerous, no? But no: the parents keep on letting their kids wear ’em and the kids keep on getting hurt, or hurting other people. I say ban them for general use, but let them still wear them under the same kinds of rules kids wear rollerblades – i.e. you’d wear them for fun, but you wouldn’t wear them out shopping.

Who’s with me?

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