Jeffrey Campbell makes Heelys for Fashion Criminals

wooden roller skates

You all know Heelys, right? They’re the shoes with the wheels on the soles, which little kids zip around on – most often at the supermarket, or in similarly crowded places, where they can cause maximum damage when they fall over or bump into people.

Well, now there’s a version for fashion criminals, too. It figures.

These shoes aren’t actually made by Heelys, though, who remain blameless in this case: nope, these are made by Jeffrey Campbell. Which also figures. They have retractable wheels attached to a shoe that is quite staggering in its ugliness. Seriously: we wouldn’t wear those things even without the wheels, but they’re exactly the kind of clunky, awkward looking shoe Jeffrey Campbell is famous for, and which fashion bloggers buy in droves, so we’re going to assume it’s just us who doesn’t love them.

What about you? Would you wear these, with or without the wheels? Well, you better, be quick if you would, because they’re selling out fast at Nasty Gal, who’re selling them for $165. Click here to buy them.


  • July 27, 2012


    Oh dear Jesus. He totally wants women to look crazy.

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  • July 31, 2012


    These shoes are (again) a ripoff. 30 years ago you could buy identical roller shoes in my country.

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  • July 31, 2012


    They do not comfortable or healthy for your feet.

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