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Heels are a fashion faux pas in the office, says survey. What do you think?

Casadei stilettos (click here to buy them): not for the office.

Ever wondered what the worst thing you could wear to the office might be? The biggest crime of workwear fashion? The one item of clothing that could instantly lose you both the respect of your colleages, and possibly your job?

Luckily, you don’t need to wonder, for fashion website Stylecompare has commissioned a survey in order to answer these very questions, and the results show that the top ten crimes of office fashion are…

1. Cleavage.

2. Frayed clothing.

3. Ugg boots.

4. Jeans.

5. Piercings.

6. Visible underwear.

7. Fake tan.

8. Stilettos/pointed shoes.

9. Bling jewellery.

10. Wedge heels.

Now, most of these we could all probably have worked out for ourselves, couldn’t we? For instance, most office workers probably don’t need to take a quick poll in order to work out that this:

probably wouldn’t go down well in a professional business setting. (Although, we guess it might depend on the business…)

We’d broadly agree with the majority of these, however, minus a few little quibbles. Jeans, for instance, may not be acceptable in a very conservative office setting, but could be perfectly normal in a more creative type of office: it all depends on the office. And the jeans.

Stilettos/pointy shoes, though? Wedge heels? Since when did all forms of stilettos or wedges become a fashion faux pas in the office? Sure, something like this:

(Stripper shoes by Pleaser: click here to buy)

is most definitely not appropriate in the office. Even something like this:

(Giuseppe Zanotti blue suede peep toes: click here to buy them)

is probably going to be pushing it a little (or a lot), unless you happen to work in fashion, or some other industry in which bold style statements are considered a plus rather than a minus. Many offices will consider sandal-type shoes, which expose the toes or most of the rest of the foot to be against their dress code, too.

There are plenty of pairs of perfectly respectable, stiletto heeled pumps out there, though – even pointed-toe ones – which shouldn’t cause a stir in the office. Take these, for instance:

(Christian Louboutin Simple pumps: click here to buy them)

This particular shoe is by Christian Louboutin, but the black heeled pump has been an office staple for a long time, and we can’t really think of a good reason why these would cause conniptions at work, can you?

As for wedges, meanwhile: well, again, it really depends on the shoe. These, for example, are likely to get the thumbs-down from the boss (unless the boss IS actually Jeffrey Campbell, in which case you can disregard everything we’ve just said. Everything we’ve EVER said, actually.) if you work in a conservative type of office:

(Jeffrey Campbell ‘Skate’ shoes: click here to buy)

Ditto these:

(Irregular Choice ‘Susie Spruce’ wedges: click here to buy them)

These, on the other hand:

(Tory Burch wedges: click here to buy them)

These are surely dull enough for almost any office, surely?

So, what do you think, Fashion Police jurors? Are all stilettos and wedges really inappropriate for the office, or does it depend on what kind of stilettos or wedges they are?

What’s your office dress code?

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