Heart-print fashion for Valentine’s Day

Heart-print fashion for Valentine's Day

Well, today is Valentine’s Day, which you can’t fail to have noticed if you use the Internet, read any magazines or just EXIST. It’s a bit like being beaten over the head with a pink, heart-shaped stick every time you venture online, isn’t it?

For weeks now, we’ve been receiving press releases telling us that we must! wear! hearts! for Valentine’s Day. Do people actually do that? Do you wear pink, frilly things and cover yourself in hearts on this day of every year? If you do, boy, do we have a treat for you in the gallery below. And if you don’t, fear not: by tomorrow it’ll all be over, and everyone will be obsessing over Easter…

Check out the gallery for heart-print items from Sonia by Sonia RykielMadewellWildfox, Vivienne Westwood, Dorothy Perkins and more.