Buy Hayden Panettiere’s clothes, help save the whales


The Fashion Police have liked Hayden Panettiere ever since she almost got arrested trying to save dolphins in Japan. Now, however, the Heroes star has chosen a slightly less dangerous way to try and help her fishy friends – selling off her clothes to raise money for the ‘Save the Whales Again!" campaign.

There are dresses, pants, shirts and shoes for sale at the Hayden Panettiere Closet Sale, although, because Hayden is tiny, they’re clearly not going to be of the "one size fits all" variety. Organisers of the sale say they’ll have more sizing options in the future: at the moment everything at the site has been owned/worn by Hayden, but if you don’t see anything you want to buy, you can still make a donation to help the cause.

Hey, I wonder if she’ll sell those thigh high boots she wore back in December? And what her shoe size is?

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