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Crime of Fashion: Rick Owens harem-style pants


Sometimes we wonder if we should just give up our campaign against harem pants. Every day we fight the good fight, trying to help people not look like they just took a dump in their pants, and then someone like Rick Owens comes along and charges £455 for his ‘harem-style pants’ and shows us it was all in vain.

Now, we’re not quite sure what’s with the "harem-style" bit of the description here. Because surely these are harem pants, plain and simple? There’s just no "style" about it – and we mean that most literally. We recognise the harem pants by the way the crotch brushes the models knees, and as we recognise these, our mortal enemies, we realise that while there is breath left in our bodies, we will not stop trying to rid the world of pants with room for diapers.

If you’re not with us in this war, you can hand over your £455 to Net-a-Porter.

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