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Harem or combat: Limited Collection slim leg “harem” trousers

Ok, we promise this is not another harem pants abuse post. It’s more a question of definition, seeing as The Fashion Police are a little confused by these particular trews. Largely because to us they look suspiciously like a drainpipe, cropped version of last decade’s combat pants.

Yes, in the late 90s bands like All Saints persuaded us all that combat trousers and skinny fit t-shirts were the height of fashion, and the silk version – well, they were just all the more clubbing appropriate! We all rocked this look until we realised how scruffy we looked, and that, as combats and stilettos were bad bedfellows, and the best part of going out was the dressing up, we were being robbed of valuable high-heels-appropriate occasions!

Of course, this new look  silk version of the humble combat doesn’t steal time from our shoe collection in the same way that its predecessor did. But is that enough to sell the look back to you?

Limited Collection silk harem pants: £35 from Marks and Spencer

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