The Handbag Raincoat: for rainy days and designer bags

      Handbag raincoat, $30 When we first saw the image above, we assumed the handbag underneath the cover was in disguise. What kind of fashion criminal was this, we wondered, that needed such protection from prying eyes? Or perhaps it was a fellow undercover cop – who just happened to be taking the word “undercover” a little too literally? Actually, however, the answer is a little less exciting than that. This, you see, is a handbag raincoat – which is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a raincoat for your handbag. What’s that we hear you say? It sounds like a waste of money? Well, it probably would be if your handbag came from Primark, say, or some other budget retailer…

      this is not a Moschino t-shirt

      This is not a Moschino t-shirt, it’s a possible crime of fashion

      This is Not a Moschino T-Shirt, £860 At this point, policing the world of Moschino feels a little bit like shooting fishing in a barrel: it’s almost like they WANT to be caught by The Fashion Police, isn’t it? Still, we swore a solemn oath to fight crimes of fashion (You should see the Fashion Police swearing-in ceremony: it’s more fun than the MET Gala, seriously…), and we’ll continue to do that, even when we suspect the criminals are deliberately provoking us. Which brings us to this bag, which is NOT – we repeat, NOT – a Moschino t-shirt. Moschino have been working this schtick for a while now, using a heavy dose of self-reflexive irony to gently poke fun…


      Anya Hindmarch’s cereal packet and laundry detergent clutch bags

      [Buy them here] “Wait a minute,” you’re probably thinking. Why are The Fashion Police showing me photos of cereal packets? This isn’t a breakfast blog! This isn’t what I signed up for! Where are the fashion crimes?” Guys, you’re looking at them. Or not, depending on your point of view. These, you see, are no cereal packets. They’re clutch bags – and expensive ones, too – which are just designed to LOOK like cereal packets. So, basically, for the price of just £995, you can look like you’re walking around carrying a box of Corn Flakes. OR… and bear with us here… for the price of an ACTUAL box of Corn Flakes, you really CAN walk around carrying a box…


      Six Quirky Clutch Bags

      This season, clutch bags are getting quirky. Or quirkier than usual, that is. The fact is that clutches have always had a tendency to be a little more creative than the handbags you carry to work, or while travelling, for instance, but lately we’ve been noticing an increase in the level of whimsy from this end of the accessories market. No longer is it enough for a clutch bag to be simple, stylish and just large enough to hold your lipstick, cellphone and keys: now it has to look like something else entirely – and ideally something edible, if the images above are anything to go by. Of course, these styles are nothing new – Olympia Le-Tan’s “book” bags, for…


      High Street Vs High-End | Camera clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia and Accessorize

      They’re not identical, they’re not even the same type of bag (One’s a clutch, one’s a cross-body bag, but the latter could probably be carried like a clutch too, if you wanted to), but ultimately these are both bags designed to look like cameras, which makes us wonder: Which is your favourite, and which would you buy? The bag on the left is just £25 from Accessorize [buy it here]: it’s the cross-body version, but as we mentioned above, although it’s larger than the high-end option, you could probably tuck the chain inside and carry it clutch-style. It has a gold body with a matching strap, and is one of a few quirky clutches available at Accessorize right now. (We’re partial…

      Festive fashion with Kotur’s $450 tinsel clutch bag

      Kotur ‘Margo’, $450 Is anyone else seeing a clump of gold tinsel with some Christmas bells thrown in, a bit like the kind of home-made decorations you might have made as a kid – or maybe even now, depending on your decorating style? If you answered “yes” to that, you may well be in the minority: apparently at least some people out there are seeing a $450 designer clutch bag, which they’re just desperate to get their hands on – this appeared in Net-a-Porter’s “new in” section this morning, but is already sold out at the the time of writing. Of course, it could be that NAP only ever had a couple of these in stock, but even so, that’s…

      perfume clutch

      Bags of Style? Charlotte Olympia’s quirky clutch bags

      All clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia Charlotte Olympia may be best known for wacky footwear (ShoeperWoman has blogged about a whole lot of them), but the brand also has an interesting line in clutch bags, ranging from the quirky to the downright cookie. The movie theme is strong in this season’s collection, and you can choose to carry around a clapperboard, a box of popcorn or an issue of Silver Screen magazine. If the movies aren’t your thing, however, you can also choose to cart your phone, lipstick and other essentials inside a giant perfume bottle or, well, a pink poodle. Everyone loves a poodle clutch, right? RIGHT? What do you think? DO you love poodles, popcorn and perfume enough…

      handcuffs bag

      Don’t take it to the airport: Vlieger & Vandam ‘Guardian’ gun clutch

      Well, this will at least guarantee you a more “interesting” than usual trip through security, no? Now, we’ve never found gun-related fashion to be in particularly great taste. This, on the other hand… …could just be an essential component of the Fashion Police uniform. Well, how else do you think we’re going to apprehend those fashion criminals? [Buy them]

      Meadham Kirchhoff teddy bear bag

      Meadham Kirchhoff turn teddy bear into bag, Fashion Police horrified

      The Fashion Police are completely unable to pass judgement on this bag. You see, the Chief of Police has a teddy bear just like this. (As in, it’s like the teddy bear part. It doesn’t have a flap or a handle, needless to say.) Seriously, it’s JUST LIKE IT. Which makes this bag… distressing, to say the least. Well, how would YOU like seeing one of YOUR loved ones turned into a handbag? Yeah, it’s not so funny NOW, is it? What were Meadham Kirchhoff THINKING when they decided to skin a soft toy in the name of fashion? Imagine the small children (and, er, Fashion Police editors…) who will be traumatised by this! Just look at its poor, panicked…

      distressed handbag

      Fashion Ripper targets Free People handbag

      It’s been a long time since we last came up against our old nemesis, Jack the (Fashion) Ripper, but late last night our officers attended the crime scene shown above, and, well, the images speak for themselves, don’t they? We’ve no idea what these bags did to deserve the mauling they received at the hands of the ripper: all we can say is that we hope to goodness some of you find them interesting and edgy, rather than “ripped apart” and “scruffy”, because how else will they sell for the £350 asking price? DO you find them interesting and edgy? Would you buy one? If you would, you’ll find them at Free People, in a range of colours. [Buy them]

      Anna Wintour Karl Lagerfeld bags

      Bring us the heads of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld…

      Who wants to carry the disembodied heads of fashion heavyweights, like Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour, slung over their shoulder all day? Wait, that was a stupid question, wasn’t it? Because, seriously, who DOESN’T want to do that? Well, now you can. But it’ll cost ‘ya. It’ll cost ya $646, to be exact. Worth it? It’s up to you to decide. If you think it most definitely IS, though, you can click here to buy these (and David Bowie, whose disembodied head is also represented) at Colette.

      wig bag

      How to get ahead in fashion

      From the product description: “The intention of this piece is to simulate a person carrying a human head, it is meant to arouse curiosity and induce interesting reactions from passers-by, the humour in the psychology of this process was intentional.” In other words, if you don’t like this, you just don’t understand fashion. Also, you’re probably old. And fat. And all of the other things fashion victims like to tell us when they’re defending their favourite designers. At least you’ll be £1,600 better off than the people who buy one of these, though… Suspect: Wig Bag by 123BLUEGUYLOVE, £1610: click here to buy it.  

      Olympia Le Tan Wiagra box bag

      Style Trial: Olympia Le Tan ‘Wiagra’ Pill Box Clutch Bag

      As we’ve mentioned many a time, The Fashion Police are big fans of Olympia Le Tan’s ‘Book’ clutches, which allow the nerdy, bookish types amongst us to walk around looking like we’re carrying one of the classics, when actually, it’s just a clutch bag. Genius. This ‘Wiagra’ box bag, though? We’re not so sure. Designed to look like a box of viagra tablets, these ones come from Olympia’s “Love Pharmacy” and promise to “give your man  a massive hard on”. We’re glad she spelt that out for us. On a handbag. What do you think: a quirky, funny accessory which you just can’t wait to carry around (it would be particularly appropriate for that first meeting with your boyfriend’s parents,…

      kitty clutch bag

      Cute or Kiddy-ish? Meadham Kirchhoff ‘Kitty’ clutch

      It’s been a while since we talked about age-appropriate dressing – or the ‘Dress Like a Toddler Trend’ as we call it – but this Meadham Kirchhoff clutch bag brought it back to mind. Now, the cat ladies amongst you may well be squealing in delight at the sight of the cute ickle kitty-witty. But at the same time, this is a £450 clutch… which looks like something you could pick up in Claire’s for a mere fraction of that price. Is this a cute, fun little bag that will add a touch of whimsy to any outfit? Or is it strictly for the (very rich) kids? [Product Page]

      Kate Spade faux grass tote bag

      Anyone for tennis? Kate Spade Hold Court Quinn tote bag

      We’re all used to seeing faux leather and even faux fur on handbags, but we reckons this is the first time we’ve seen one made of fake GRASS. This Kate Spade tote is $298, and is made out of that cheap-looking fake grass you see in … actually, we can’t remember the last time we even seen that stuff. Can you tell The Fashion Police aren’t the outdoors type? Would you carry one of these, fashion jurors? If you would, you can click here to buy it.

      JumpFromPaper two-dimensional handbags

      JumpFromPaper two-dimensional handbags

      You’re possibly wondering why on earth we’re showing you drawings of handbags, rather than actual handbags, aren’t you? The answer is… we’re not: These are real handbags, which have been cleverly designed to look like two-dimensional drawings. They’re the work of JumpbyPaper, and we think they’re pretty awesome: all the functionality of a regular bag, but with the added bonus of making you look like you’re starring in your own personal cartoon. And just imagine the looks you’d get from passers-by! Want one? You can click here to order them direct from the brand themselves.

      Tardis purse

      The Tardis Purse, for your inner geek

      You know what annoys us? When people – and by “people”, we mean “hipsters” – think that watching very mainstream TV shows, like Doctor Who, say, makes them “geeks”. And then they go around all the time saying things like, “Oh, I can’t wait for the next episode of Doctor Who! I’m such a geek, lol!” (Other things that annoy us: people who write “lol” at the end of every sentence, regardless of whether it’s appropriate or not, lol!) That has absolutely nothing to do with this Tardis purse, by the way. We just wanted to get it off our chests. Click here to buy it.

      boot bag by Azumi & David

      Crime of Fashion? More Shoe/Bag hybrids by Azumi & David

      We’ve shown you some of Azumi & David’s amazing (We may or may not be using that word sarcastically) shoe/handbag hybrids before, but that was a long time ago, so just to remind you, this is a clutch bag: No, seriously, it’s a clutch bag. What, you didn’t seriously think they’d just grabbed an old boot, thrown some random belongings inside it, and called it a “bag”, did you? Oh no, wait. they kind of did. Moving on, there was also this work of genius: See, it’s a bag… but it’s also a shoe! Only, not really, because if you tried to put these on your feet, you’d get some funny looks, wouldn’t you? Then again, if you carried it…

      Miu Miu pink leather tote bag

      Wanted! Miu Miu pink grained-leather tote

      It’s not like us to go for something Barbie pink. Or something which costs $1,295, for that matter. As soon as our officers laid eyes on this pink Miu Miu tote bag, however, we knew we had to have it – even if only in the “fantasy shopping” sense. It IS almost Christmas, after all. And we’ve been very, very good this year… Click here to buy it at Net-a-Porter.

      Anya Hindmarch

      Daylight Robbery? Anya Hindmarch headline printed canvas shoppers

      Quick question, jurors: $300 canvas shoppers: where do you stand on them? We get that canvas shoppers can be handy. For, you know, groceries, and trips to the beach, and other such affairs. And we get that they can be cute, and funny, and, dare we say it, quirky. (We feel dirty now.) We know that Anya Hindmarch, in particular, is beloved by the fashion world, and possessed of an extraordinary ability to convince people that her canvas tote bags are worth paying $295 for, like the one shown above. Are they, though? We’re going to go with a big fat NO. Because, honestly, we could buy lots of pairs of shoes for that. Or a really good quality leather handbag. And…

      Model wearing three Jeffrey Cambell handbags

      Modelling is Hard: Jeffrey Campbell handbags edition

      These bags are from Jeffrey Campbell’s Girls We Hated in High School line. Luckily we were wearing sunglasses when we looked at them (The Fashion Police never remove our dark glasses) so we have no real problem with the bags themselves: we show you them purely because the expression on the model’s face suggests that girls we hated in high school ended up with three designer handbags strapped to their bodies, in the name of fashion. And that they don’t like it. But modelling is hard, girls! Look who unimpressed this girl is with her 80s outfit and slightly “wacky” pose! And, you know, you can change her clothes, but you can’t change her ‘tude: Modelling is hard: remember it.

      pink designer handbag

      Handbag of the Week: Pink D&G shoulder bag

      First of all, our apologies for bringing you a bag that costs $1,040 as our Handbag of the Week today. We can’t actually imagine wanting to spend that much on ANY bag, but if this one was a little bit – or, OK, a really BIG bit – cheaper, we’d be sorely tempted. The colour is what D&G call “make-up” and what The Fashion Police call “pink”. It looks roughly the size of a small suitcase in the image above, but is actually smaller than it looks, and the perfect size to sling over your shoulder and take to work, or play, or anywhere else you fancy. (There’s a photo of it on someone’s shoulder here, if you want to…

      marc by marc jacobs francesca shopper

      Handbag of the Week: Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Classic Q – Francesca’ Leather Shopper

      Marc Jacobs’ ‘Francesca’ shopper has been out for a while now, and The Fashion Police have been admiring it for a while, too. We love the slouchy, casual style of this bag, which is perfect for a day’s shopping, or even as a carry on for a short flight, but we must admit, it’s the beautiful teal colour that we really love. This bag is available in a range of other colours too, including standard black and tan (we rather like the bright yellow version, but that’s just us), and is £343 from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Click here to buy it.


      Handbag of the Week: Alexander Wang Small Emile Tote

      Alexander Wang and The Fashion Police haven’t always been the best of friends, but we must admit, with this bag, he’s managed to create an interesting shape without taking it too far into the realms of fashion-victim. This is the small Emile tote, which makes us wonder what the large Emile tote must look like (Actually, we don’t have to wonder. You can buy it at Shopbop, and it doesn’t actually look much different from this one, despite being $100 more expensive). We like the straightforward shape, the metal feel and the solid feel of this bag, and we also like the fact that it’s available in a selection of colours. (Our favourite is the cream version shown above, which…

      gigi flower clutchbag

      Handbag of the Week: Mar Y Sol ‘Gigi’ Flower Clutch

      Cute, colourful and $66… and if you care about such things, which we’re sure you don’t, it’s also a nice example of the current trend for combining bright colours, in this case yellow and pink. Our Handbag of the Week is by Mar Y Sol, and it’s also available in a neutral/black colour combination. Click here to buy it at Shopbop.


      Handbag of the Week: ASOS green tooled leather satchel

      ASOS do a great line in leather satchels, as you may recall from previous Handbags of the Week. We like the fact that this one gets away from the traditional “school satchel” look by using a vibrant green colour and a tooled floral design. It’s bigger than it looks in this photo, too: And the price? £55, which isn’t too bad for a leather bag. Click here to buy it.

      the new york journal clutch bag kate spade

      Kate Spade’s New York Journal Clutch Bag: the most expensive newspaper you’ll ever buy…

      This is expensive for a newspaper, but actually pretty cheap for a Kate Spade bag… which is lucky, because that’s what it is. The idea of making clutch bags look like newspapers or magazines isn’t a new one, of course, but we wondered what you all think of it. Do you love the idea of spending $125 on the “New York Journal”, or do you just worry you’d end up throwing it in the trash by mistake? If it’s the former, click here to buy it.

      red suede and leather frame bag

      Handbag of the Week: Red suede and leather frame bag from River Island

      A simple, but cute, shape, and a bright pop of red combined to persuade us to name this River Island frame bag our Handbag of the Week. Although it’s not a carpet bag, there’s just something a bit ‘Mary Poppins’ about it – in fact, it looks like you could keep everything including the kitchen sink in there, doesn’t it? Well, OK, maybe not the kitchen sink. There’s definitely room for your wallet, phone, sunglasses, and all of the other things that tend to end up in handbags, though. (In ours? Handcuffs and tasers, to help us catch fashion criminals. And red lipstick.) This is also available in tan, and is £59.99: click here to buy it.

      jil sander carrier bag

      Daylight Robbery? Jil Sander market striped silk-twill bag

      This is not a carrier bag. We repeat: this is NOT a carrier bag. It just looks like one. And we don’t know about you, but if we’re paying £445 for a bag, we’d rather it didn’t look like it came from the local market. Daylight Robbery? The fashion world having a good old laugh at fashion victims? Or a delightfully ironic statement, which you’d be happy to pay for? Which is it? (Click here for the product page)


      Handbag of the Week: River Island tan Doctor’s bag

      We’ve been really loving River Island lately. Yes, go ahead, laugh all you want – we know the brand has a bit of a reputation for “Chav Chic” – but this summer they’ve had some gorgeous 50s style dresses, some great shoes, and now they also have this tan leather doctor’s bag, which combines a “goes-with-most-things” colour, a classic shape and some simple gold studs. Cute, but also large enough to carry your daily essentials and more, this is £80, and you can click here to buy it.

      Miss Selfridge x body chocolate satchel

      Handbag of the week: Miss Selfridge chocolate leather x body bag

      Big enough for all your bits, but hands-free and easy-wear – we love a good summer satchel at The Fashion Police. And this bag is the perfect partner to this summer’s floral hippy vibe – sling it over your maxi dress and you’re good to go! Chocolate leather x body bag, £45 from Miss Selfridge.

      Vivienne Westwood leather bag

      Handbag of the Week: Vivienne Westwood tartan leather bag

      There’s nothing like a striking bag to add colour to an outfit, and this bag certainly adds a lot of colour! But the pretty pastel-bright tartan is so eye-catching, and includes current favourite, coral, making the bag more practical that you’d think on first sight. We think it’s adorable – if you do too, you can buy it from Yoox.com for £168.


      Handbag of the Week: Zara ‘Fashion City’ bag with flap

      They’re a little bit boxy and a little bit plain, but… that’s why we like them. They’re Zara’s “Fashion City” handbags, and they’re £79.99 from here. We’ll take the red one, please. And, oh, OK, the nude one too. Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?


      Jeremy Scott’s biker jacket backpack

      Kind of looks like this jacket once contained a tiny little person, who somehow got blown right out of it, doesn’t it? Imagine the looks you’d get from concerned parents! Also, you know what would be cool? Wearing a black leather biker jacket while you were carrying this bag. And by “cool” we mean “or maybe not”. Like it? Click here to buy it…

      kate spade madeline bag

      Handbag of the Week: Spotted ‘Madeline’ bag by Kate Spade

      We love Kate Spade handbags, and this one fits right in with the 50s vibe that’s taking over the fashion world right now, both in terms of the shape and the print. This is dressy enough for a special occassion, but simple enough to carry on more dressed-down days, too. The bad news, unortunately, is that it ain’t cheap: this is $795 and you can click here to buy it from Kate Spade.


      Daylight Robbery? Lanvin’s $1,500 canvas tote bag

      Lanvin are at it again, readers. Sure, this is pretty. But it’s a canvas tote bag. And it’s almost $1,500. Oh yeah, and the highly visible “LANVIN” logo on the front? Means you’ll be efectively paying THEM for the priviledge of being a walking advertisement for them. Oh, and for being a fashion victim, of course, but that goes without saying. (Click here if you want to be a human advertisement!)


      Handbag of the Week: Topshop Grosgrain Nude Chain And Bow Long Strap Lock Detail Bag

      The Chief of Police had the opportunity to interview this bag in person, during a reconnaissance mission to Topshop last week, and can report that it’s much nicer in person than it is in the image: so nice, in fact, that she decided to make it Handbag of the Week. The chain and bow detail gives this a vaguely Lanvin-esque feel, but without the Lanvin price tag. Actually, this is just £26: yet another reason to love it. Click here to buy it.

      DVF Harper handbag

      Handbag of the week: Diane Von Furstenburg’s Harper Handbag

      Here at Fashion Police HQ we’ve a wary eye cast towards the first signs of Spring already. And what better way to accessorise all those lovely floaty dresses and floral prints than with soft pink suede and tassels?! Beautiful! Diane Von Furstenberg Harper Handbag: £480 from Selfridges.


      My other bag is a Hermes Birkin…

      For the label lover whose budget is more H&M than Hermes… or perhaps just for those who want to gently mock the practice of buying handbags that cost more than a small car, Thursday Friday’s Together Bags are $35, and will allow you to create the illusion of carrying a Birkin on your arm. Or, OK, maybe not. Here’s the really crazy thing about these bags, though: even although they’re not real Birkins – no, really – they’re selling so well there’s currently a three month waiting list to own one. Just like the real thing, then, in more ways than one. Would you join a waiting list for a canvas bag? If you answered yes, click here and then choose…

      reed krakoff leather tote

      Handbag of the week: Reed Krakoff Boxer 1 leather tote

      There’s nothing like a beautiful leather tote to complete an outfit. And combining this year’s camel and last year’s nude tones, this is a bag that promises to go from winter to spring and beyond! Plus, it’s even big enough to carry your netbook… well, assuming your netbook is 14″ or smaller… Either way, we’re head over heels for this practical, preppy and downright beautiful tote. If only we had a spare grand to hand… Reed Krakoff Boxer 1 leather tote: £965 from Net-a-Porter.com.


      Handbag of the Week: Kate Spade ‘All Typed Up Clyde’ Bag

      It’s been a while since we brought you a Handbag of the Week, and we’ll be honest: this one won its place here, not because it’s the greatest bag we’ve seen all week, but simply because it was the most unusual. With its bright red colour and pleasingly retro design we’re guessing the typewriter keyboard on the front will be too kitsch for some and just the right amount of kitsch for others. Which side are you on? (Click here to buy it for $495)

      Lulu Guiness fan bag

      Handbag of the Week: Lulu Guinness and Rob Ryan Collaboration Fan bag

      If acclaimed British artist Rob Ryan and handbag designer extraordinaire Lulu Guinness had a clutch-shaped lovechild, what would you expect it to look like? Why, a little like this beautiful evening bag, of course! This delightful number is a collaborative fundraiser in honour of ASAP, the Africa Social Action Project, is one of a kind, and only available via auction site Ebay. The sale began on Monday November 8th and runs until November 18th, when the lucky high bidder will enjoy the double satisfaction of owning a one-off designer work of art and knowing all their hard-earned pennies are going to a good cause. At time of writing, the highest bid sits at £700, but we know that’s nowhere near…

      leather bunny bag

      Mandy Coon Leather Bunny Bag: for the “woodland animal” trend

      Rabbits are totally the new black, readers. Not only are people keen to wear them on their heads, now they’re also able to carry their prostrate forms over their shoulders, thanks to this leather bunny bag by Mandy Coon (Don’t worry, no bunnies died to make this bag: lambs did.) We guess this will certainly cause people to do a double-take as you saunter casually by with what appears to be a skinned rabbit tucked under your arm, but does that idea appeal to you at all? If it does, just click here to buy it for $619…


      Handbag of the Week: Miss Selfridge tapestry overnight bag

      Tapestry bags are one of this winter’s big accessories trend, and our favourite so far is this one from Miss Selfridge, which retails for £39. Billed as an “overnight bag”, this isn’t too large to be used for day-to-day carrying duties, particularly if, like us, you tend to cart your whole life around in your handbag. Of course, if you don’t like this one, there are plenty of other tapestry bags available on the high street right now, so there’s no shortage of choice. What do you think of this look, though?

      valentino floral leather bag

      Handbag of the week: Valentino floral leather handbag

      Oh, look at the pretties! Leather and lace – two top trends right now – combine in this glorious framed handbag by Valentino, perfect for channeling Joan Holloway and the sexier side of the sixties vibe. And we’re delighted to announce that, despite appearing to be of a distinctly delicate nature, this bag is in fact large enough to carry all of your usual ephemera. Which is just as well, as for £1,645 we’d hope for something practical as well as pretty! Valentino floral leather handbag, £1,645 from Net-a-Porter.

      marc jacobs rad quilted leather bag

      Handbag of the Week: Marc Jacobs Rad quilted leather bag

      This Autumn, “lady-like” style is making a comeback. Call it the Mad Men effect if you will, but framed handbags are going to be the only way to carry your necessities with you. But lady-like doesn’t have to mean all grown up, right? This gorgeous Marc Jacobs handbag somehow combines the sophisticated and the cute in one delightful package. Add to this the over-shoulder strap for practicality, and we’re certain it’s worth its £725 £290 price tag. Available from The Outnet – and top of this Officer’s wishlist right now!


      Handbag(s) of the Week: ASOS’s multicoloured leather satchels

      We’re a little bit obsessed with satchels right now, and we’re pleased to see that ASOS have come to our rescue with a selection of gorgeous leather satchels, at prices we can actually afford. We’ve fallen hard for this cobalt blue beauty, which is £70, but the site is also currently stocking similar styles in green, black, yellow and tan, some of which will cost you as little as £27. We couldn’t pick just one as our Handbag of the Week, so here are a few of our favourites:


      Kate Spade’s ‘Book of the Month’ clutch bag: bringing new meaning to the term “book bag”

      Well, it’s about time we bookworms were recognised by the fashion world, isn’t’ it? Kate Spade’s Book of the Month Clutch isn’t actually a book: it just looks like one, with its laminated silk twill sides styled to look like an old-fashioned library book (you can choose from Great Expectations, The Great Gatsby and The Importance of Being Earnest). The ultimate in so-called “geek-chic”, all you’ll need is a pair of cat’s eye glasses for that perfect, book nerd look. Oh, and you’ll also need $325, which is more than even we’ve ever had to pay in library fines, and that’s saying something. Like it? We do, but the collection hasn’t been without it’s share of controversy, with some commentators…

      marni goat hair leather handbag

      Marni’s goat hair leather handbag: because you can never have enough hair…

      Marni’s goat hair leather handbag. It would be like having another head, wouldn’t it? And who knows, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing? Anyone have a Girl’s World when they were a kid, for instance? Or even just a Barbie? Remember all those hours of fun, combing her hair, plaiting it, tying pretty ribbons in it… This would be like that! Only £650! On the other hand: who really needs another head in their life? Isn’t one enough? It’s bad enough having to wash, blow-dry and style the hair we have every morning. Imagine having to get up early enough to style your handbag, too! Would it need shampoo, we wonder? Is there a special “Goat’s Hair Conditioner”…

      Karen Millen cutwork tote bag

      Handbag of the week: Karen Millen cutwork tote

      We love this bag! It’s so pretty, the cutwork creating a lovely lace effect; so easy to wear, what with white being such a neutral; and so spacious without being oversized, making it conveniently large enough for all your bits without making you look like a bag lady! And what we like even more is the price! I mean, we’re not talking bargain basement here, but for a quality leather number that, with care, will outlive fashion’s current love affair with lace, £185 isn’t going to break the bank… Get yours from the Karen Millen website. Where, if you need one more reason to shop, you can pay with your paypal balance. Let’s face it – that’s not even real…


      Hideous Handbags: Roger Vivier Foxtrot Clutch

      Well, it doesn’t look like WE’LL be getting much sleep tonight then: the sight of this thing has just guaranteed nightmares enough to last us the rest of the week. We kinda hope the people who thought this would make a great fashion statement won’t be getting much sleep either, though. It would be only fair, wouldn’t it?

      Chloe Marcie hobo

      Handbag off the Week: Chloé Marcie Hobo cross-body leather bag

      There’s a chance The Fashion Police have a weakness for beautiful, soft brown leather bags by Chloe. A couple of months back we featured the metallic-taupe tote, but we just can’t get enough of these classic, timeless styles. The cross-body design of this particular bag is practical and offers more than a nod to the equestrian look. And the tassle tie is so very pretty! At £695 from Net-a-Porter it’s not exactly cheap, but neither is it one of the costlier bags we’ve featured. And as investments go this is one that simply won’t date!


      Dumpster Chic: Miu Miu’s worn-look handbag

      You know, you can call us crazy, but we’d much prefer it if our new $677 designer handbag DIDN’T look like someone just pulled it out of a dumpster.  You? Of course, they do say the lived-in look can have a charm all of its own, and this Miu Miu bag certainly looks “lived in”. Or maybe “well loved” would be a kinder expression? Whatever you want to call it, what we want to know is whether you’d actually buy it. Is $677 too much for a worn-out old bag (even one that’s actually brand spanking new), or are you heading over to Yoox.com right now to snap it up?

      Marni suede clutch

      Handbag of the Week: Marni suede large clasp clutch

      A classic clutch to accompany your party dress never goes out of fashion. However, a classic clutch can be a bit, well, boring really! To liven up an LBD you need something with some sass about it, something with fun in the details. Maybe something with the potential to make you feel like a child again, clutching your coin purse as you skip to the corner shop for a 10p mix… Marni’s suede large clasp clutch could set you on the perfect nostalgia kick. Roomy enough for all your “bits” and in super-soft suede for a touch of luxury. And Oh My – is it pretty! You can pick one up from Net-a-Porter for £468

      Dachshund clutch

      When bags go bad: Judith Leiber dachshund fine crystal-embellished clutch

      We all remember that iconic moment in Sex and the City, when Big hands Carrie an exciting looking gift bag which she opens to find… the ugly swan purse. The world’s reaction to the ugly swan purse must have given designers the world over a hint as to just how unpopular these crystal encrusted clutches are. Or so you’d think. In fairness to Judith Leiber, Carrie did redeem her designs somewhat, giving Leiber’s jewel encrusted cupcake a starring role in the film. So perhaps we should cut her a little slack when placing this particularly delightful offering in the docks… Still, the fact remains that this is a crystal-encrusted purse, in the shape of a dachshund. It gives the phrase…