Crime of Fashion: Halter Neck Jumpsuit

Halter Neck Jumpsuit Did you know Topshop have a whole category on their website for “playsuits” now? Did you know why? Nope, me neither: but I’m assuming it’s because they know there are people in the world who will actually pay £50 to look like they’re pregnant and sartorially challenged. It’s the only explanation. I bet someone at Topshop is sitting in the boardroom RIGHT NOW chuckling to themselves as they look at this halter neck jumpsuit and count the pennies that have been coming in from it.

COME ON, Topshop! You know how we feel about dungarees. You must know denim + jumpsuit + halter neck does not a good look make. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US? When will you get back to selling pretty clothes at affordable prices, and stop all this “selling ugly rubbish because we totally know people will buy it anyway” crap. When, for the love of God, WHEN?

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  • February 25, 2007


    So true. All in one suits should remain the get-up of people who exit planes for a living. Fact.

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