Fashion Crime Friday: Halloween Horrors

Today we bring the glad tidings that Shop Fatal are currently offering 20% off the autumn/winter range. That means those of you currently on the hunt for an easy Halloween costume, can now avail yourselves of the opportunity to dress up as…

An ashtray!

cigarette dressCigarette dress, $748

Even with the 20% off, that would be a pretty expensive “costume”. We can’t really think of another time we’d ever want to have used cigarettes all over our body, though, so let’s just assume that’s the best use of this one.

If you don’t want to dress as an ashtray, however, how about going as…

A doric column!

Doric column tee

Doric tee, $235

At least no one else will be wearing the same costume. Well, probably not. If your Halloween party contains more than one person who was willing to spend $235 on this shirt, that’s one party we’d love an invite to. Call us!

Now, we’re sensing some reluctance on your part to wear either one of these amazing “costumes”, and that makes us sad. This is what we look like when we’re sad:

headshot tee

headshot tee, $220

This is also a $220 designer t-shirt/lazy Halloween costume. See the bullet between the eyes? It’s a head shot. And if that doesn’t do it for you, how about you head over to Topshop, where you can get yourself a slightly more traditional Halloween look for just £32:

skeleton costumeSkeleton all-in-one,£32

If this was actually intended to be worn as a Halloween costume, that would be one thing. Topshop have actually styled is as streetwear, though:

skeleton outfit

That’s another thing altogether. A fashion crime thing, in all likelihood, but, as always, we’ll leave that call up to you.


shark attack

Daniel Palillo t-shirt, $185

Shark attack! What could be scarier than that?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • October 15, 2013


    Wow, the last one’s a shark? I was thinking more like rabid bunny attack, but shark does make more sense.

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