Halloween Headwear by Piers Atkinson for From Somewhere

pom pom headband

To be fair, it IS almost Halloween. And ‘Scary Clown’ always makes for a great costume choice, don’t you think?

As for what you’d do with your £50 pom pom headband after the costume party, though: well, yoy got us there. Maybe it’s just us, but we honestly can’t think of a single time we’ve gotten dressed in the morning and thought to ourselves, “You know what this outfit needs? Pom poms. Big ones. On the head.” We also can’t think of a single outfit that wouldn’t be rendered instantly more comical with the addition of this headband.

Still, it’s good to laugh, isn’t it? And the fact that this particular piece is already low in stock tells us that someone – or possibly a lot of “someones” – out there agrees.


bow headbband

If someone could explain to us how and when a fully-grown, adult woman would wear this, we’d be grateful…

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  • September 24, 2012


    Imagine walking into a meeting at work, and trying to keep a straight face because your boss just walked in with pompoms on her head and is still trying to be taken seriously. LMAO

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  • September 25, 2012

    Carolina W

    That big bow looks a lot like something Lady Gaga would wear, but I don’t think even she would be crazy enough to wear that hideous pompom thing. And did I mention clowns freak me out? That giant pompom thing just reminded me of that…

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