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Halloween Dress Up from Wildfox and Zoe Karssen

Skeleton dress
Well, we guess at least this dress will make an easy Halloween costume for the girl who really doesn’t give a crap about the whole thing, and just wants to make a token gesture towards “ooh, scary” for the obligatory costume party.

On the other hand, though, it’s £120. And we can’t really imagine paying that much for a costume. Or, indeed, getting much use out of a £120 skeleton dress at any other time of the year. Maybe one for the more gothic dressers among you?

How about this one, though?

Black t-shirt with skeleton hands on breasts

Ah, the old “hands are on my boobs!” shtick. It makes The Fashion Police cry, you know. Not because it’s tacky, in a trying-to-be-funny kind of way, you understand, but because it’s a £65 t-shirt. Who pays £65 for a t-shirt? If you would, CONTACT US: we’re pretty sure we could rustle something up for you…

If you don’t want to wait for The Fashion Police, though, just click here to buy it from ASOS, which is where you’ll find the skeleton dress, too. We hate this time of year.

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