Fashion Police Halloween Costume Ideas 2011: The Fashion Criminal

Halloween Costume Idea: Fashion Criminal
For the next in our series of Fashion Police inspired Halloween costume ideas, we present… The Fashion Criminal!

Now, we COULD give you a list of suggested items to use for this costume… or we could just direct you to our fashion crimes archive. Or to any street, in any city around the world, where you will find endless inspiration from the fashion criminals who pass you by. If you really need some ideas, though, the items which are arrested most often here at TFP include:

  • Drop-crotch pants: well, d’uh!
  • Crocs
  • If you don’t want to wear Crocs: peep toe boots, or almost anything by Jeffrey Campbell will do.
  • Sheer clothing without the appropriate undergarments.
  • Any item of clothing which is attached to any other item of clothing.
Or, of course, you could also choose to go for some classic Crimes of Fashion: socks with sandals, nude hose with open shoes, a visible thong protruding from the top of your too-small jeans… the opportunities are endless. If you can’t create the costume from your own closet – and we really hope you CAN’T – hit up the thrift store and purchase anything that doesn’t match and looks TERRIBLE. Add a pair of handcuffs, available almost anywhere at this time of year, and you’re done. And remember: we have a special amnesty on Crimes of Fashion on Halloween itself: wear any of your costume items before or after, however, and we just might arrest you…


  • October 19, 2011


    haha the party I’m going to is themed (childhood fears)… I’m going as a giant chicken (Don’t ask). I WISH I had been scared of fashion criminals as a kid… Buggertron!

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  • October 20, 2011


    Stylish in Winterwear at Germany

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