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Crime of Fashion? Halloween-themed clothes after Halloween

black witch print sweater

We’re officially ready for Halloween to be over now. What do you mean, Halloween IS over? It can’t be! Not when people are still buying $2,020 witch sweaters from Net-a-Porter, anyway. Or even £28 “scary skeleton” sweaters from Topshop:

These two items only appeared on their respective retailers’ websites after Halloween had been and gone, so either the spooky season is being dragged out for longer than usual this year, or witches, skeletons, and other such ghouls are suddenly the very height of fashion. We’re really not sure which is worse: Halloween lasting until Christmas, or people spending $2,000 on a holiday sweater.

You tell us, then: is it a crime of fashion to keep on wearing Halloween-themed clothing after Halloween, or are witches and skeletons, like, so chic, all year round?

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