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Style on Trial: hairy jumper by Kate Moss for Topshop

Hairy_jumperOf all of the items of clothing in Kate Moss’ latest collection for Topshop, this is the one that puzzles us most. Because it’s a hairy jumper. Yes, a hairy jumper – words to strike fear into our hearts if ever we heard them. Now, The Fashion Police aren’t really down with hairy jumpers, and we suspect the reasons for this are probably self-explanatory (the fact that you’ll look almost exactly like a bear in it figures highly, though), but we have to assume there was some reason why Kate Moss and the good people at Topshop decided this had to be made available to the public, so we’re putting it up On Trial.

It’s available in either black or grey, is £45, and, lest you forget, is a hairy jumper. What do you think, readers: a crime of fashion, or just a great way to keep warm in the winter?

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