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Freaky Fashion Friday: Hairbrush with real hair attached

hairbrush with real hair attached

OK, we have our own hands up here, because although this item was created by a fashion brand, it’s not actually a fashion item. But hey, it’s Friday, it’s the end of another week, and we bet you’re all out enjoying the sun rather anyway, so we’re using a bit of artistic licence here, to show you this wooden hairbrush by Bless, which comes with a significant amount of real hair attached. (They don’t say whether the hair is human or not, just that it’s “real”.)

Honestly, we’re mostly just showing you this so we ask WHY. Why would anyone want to buy a hairbrush with hair already attached to it? Seriously, hair becomes attached to a brush as soon as you use it (although not quite this much, obviously. If you lose this much hair when you brush, it’s probably time to speak to a professional about that.), yes? And if you’re anything like us, you remove that excess hair as quickly as you can, because after a while, it gets kind of gross. Especially if it’s someone else’s hair.

Buy apparently some people want to buy things like this. And apparently they’re willing to pay $275 for it. Don’t like red hair? Don’t worry, you can go blonde instead:

Someone please put us out of misery and explain this to us. We’d be really grateful.

[Click here to buy it.]
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