Gwen Stefani – What Are You Wearing?!

Gwen stefani

I couldn’t quite bring myself to call Gwen a fashion criminal here. I mean, it’s Gwen, for Goddsake – Gwen, our most beloved fashion icon. So I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m going to assume that this sweater has some kind of baby-related purpose, like it’s a built-in papoose or sling or something, and that’s why there’s so much material at the front of it. Seriously, she could pop baby Kingston right in there, no trouble at all.

Yes, we’re going to assume that’s what it is. Everything else about her look here is great, so let’s just keep on telling ourselves that Gwen’s wearing that top for a reason, and that it’s not just the most unflattering top in the world ever. Because, seriously, if it’s not some kind of maternity wear item, then the picture behind the cut certainly makes it look like one…

Gwen Stefani


  • September 20, 2007

    From Russia

    Вы че идиоты что-ли?? Гвен законодательница моды, вы сами в ней ниче не понимаете!!!

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  • September 27, 2007


    i think gwen style is wonderful,she know how dress her self….

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