Guest Post – Wear or Die: Alexander McQueen edition


 This edition of Wear or Die was written by Ms Jenn of {Bits of Beauty})> Ms Jenn writes…

"Ladies and Gents, welcome to Wear or Die: Alexander McQueen edition. I guess we could also call this one, the Odd Bird edition. Mr McQueen is a well-known genius and darling of the fashion world. We all go raving mad over possibly owning a piece of McQueen fashion royalty. So, how generous and fabulous, that you get to choose one of two runway looks? That's right, you get to wear the entire look, including the shoes.

Isn't that fabulous? Wait, no? You fool, do you think you have a choice?! Oh wait, you have the choice to DIE, which in any case, we might just bury you in the outfit out of spite. So, which one is it going to be? Option A, the freezing cold dove in a straight jacket or Option B, the weird crested rooster from the county fair? (Bonus points for wearing the wax lips)."

Author bio:
Ms. Jenn is the author of {Bits of Beauty} and regular guest fashion blogger for the Little Pink Book.

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