Guest Post – Vintage rocks: Blondie


Sian Meades of Domestic Sluttery takes a look at some of the UK's best vintage fashion stores. Sian writes…

"My dream wardrobe is a huge walk-in affair and everything is ordered by colour. It looks pretty and there are just some days when you think “I really feel like wearing fuchsia.” The clever people behind Blondie in East London clearly feel the same way. Everything is hung by colour! Hooray!

Blondie is actually a smaller extension of the vintage Mecca that is Absolute Vintage. I actually prefer this branch. There's something more exclusive about it and it feels much more 'boutiquey' than the warehouse branch around the corner.

And the shoes! If you come here for nothing else, come here for the shoes. Take a look at their virtual tour if you can watch it without getting dizzy. There's hundreds of pairs! All waiting for me to squeeze my size sixes into. You could spend a good couple in hours in here just looking at the fancy accessories. The really special Dior sunglasses are all locked away safely though, which is probably for the best.

Blondie is my first stop for vintage finds when I'm in East London. You can expect to pay around £40 for a tea dress and £15 for a clutch bag which is pretty good in my book. The Dior sunglasses are around £120 though, so I might have to save up a little bit longer for those."

Blondie, 114 Commercial Road, London. Absolute Vintage 91 Brick Lane, London. Nearest tube, Liverpool Street.

Author Bio:
Sian Meades is a freelance writer and jewellery designer. She spends most of her money on vintage dresses and high heels. She's also founder and editor of the fabulous interiors and lifestyle blog Domestic Sluttery.

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