Guest Post: Stella McCartney’s confusing lace jumpsuit

The Fashion Police have been feeling under the weather this week, so huge thanks to Lauren of A Typical Atypical for arresting this item for us!

Lauren writes:

I am a sometime fan of lace, and a sometime fan of jumpsuits, but only ever when they actually work. I won’t for example, love a jumpsuit purely because it clothes me head to toe and makes it difficult to go to the loo – but I will love it if the fabric is gorgeous and the fit sublime. Which, I have to say, is not the case with this Stella McCartney jumpsuit.

You may look at the pattern and notice how delicate it is, but I advise you not to. Instead, I draw your attention to the figure hugging skintight fit, to the fact that it looks like you are naked underneath. To the big waist belt that makes even the bum and hips of the mannequin look huge! Oh, and then to add insult to injury, they have made all the edges into big zigzags, meaning that people who wear this end up resembling a certain woodland pixie.

Not a good idea unless you like looking like a naked toilet roll holder, Stella McCartney charges £2,865 for these!

About the author:

Lauren is a freelance writer and blogger who spends far too much time browsing eBay and avoiding her chores at A Typical Atypical.

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  • January 22, 2010


    i find stella m’s clothes always seem slightly awkward fit wise…i have yet to see a celeb who looks 100 % comfortable in her clothing…that being said i did have a stella for adidas shirt once and that was comfy as all get out…maybe the adidas influence on the design? who can say

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