[Guest Post] Handbag of the Week: Lucky Brand Convertible Clutch

lucky-brand-clutch-bagEllen S writes…

I am a huge fan of clutches.  They force me to pare down my needs for the day/evening/event to the bare essentials.  Giant wad of keys won’t fit?  House key only, check! Can’t get my wallet in?  Credit, card, cash, and ID will be fine.  And doing this makes me realize how much extraneous stuff I carry around every other day. *  And so my clutch collection grows.

This clutch seems to walk the fine line of trendy and classic.  The diagonal zipper and stitching fit in with the current All Embellishment, All The Time trend, but the sleek shape and subdued colors keep the clutch versatile and easy to wear.  The strap option is a great touch, too.  I’d use this during the day on the weekend or out at night.  It comes in four colors (one is called Green Envy**) and is $139 at Nordstrom.

* And by extraneous, I mean super important when I am lugging it around.  Um, who DOESN’T need a book, a magazine, a water bottle, and a snack with them at all times?
** How can this not be on your Christmas/Channuka/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice list already?

[Ellen S. is an Image Consultant, Shoe Maven, hater of flip flops and crocs. She lives and works in California. Read her blog here.]

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  • December 4, 2009


    See I love the idea of paring down, but I can’t find a clutch/minimalist bag that fits a sketchbook. 🙁

    This is… h’m… actually, hey, it’s kinda steampunk, isn’t it? That’s neat!

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