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[Guest Post] Crime of Fashion: The Fit Flop Snuggler


Have you ever wondered what the love-child of a moonboot and a Fit Flop would look like?  No, of course you haven’t, why would you?  But clearly someone has, and then they went a step further and put it into production.  Now, I am all for the benefits of Fit Flops and the new range of boots they have just released feature some styles which are far better looking than this one (but let’s face it, that wouldn’t exactly be difficult now, would it?).  The boots have the same leg-toning attributes of their summer flip flop cousins, only in a more practical style for the coming winter.  But these?  Really, there is no excuse and they are therefore thrown into Fashion Police jail for being a Crime of Fashion.

If you disagree however, you can buy their freedom here, for £85.

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