Gucci Horsebit-detailed goat hair slippers

scrolldown fug

We seriously thought this was a joke at first. It looks like one, right? Smartly-dressed woman: maybe not everyone’s style, but she looks like she’s made a bit of effort with a classic jeans/blazer/scarf combo. Then you scroll down the page and…

goat hair slippers

NO. No, no, NO. Goathair slippers should not be a thing. Seriously: leave the hair to the goats, people, because this looks absolutely ridiculous AND costs £1,230. When we first laid eyes on them, the fact that they were described as “slippers” made us think they were one of those “hilarious” animal-themed house slippers people like to wear. You know the ones that make you look like you stuffed your foot inside a teddy bear, or a monkey, or whatever? Yeah, we hate those too, and will never understand want to dress up as toddlers at home, but the key to that sentence is the phrase “AT HOME”. At least those things aren’t actually designed to be worn out on the street: these, however, ARE, and if you’re wondering what on EARTH you’d ever wear with them, Net-a-Porter suggest “floaty skirts and dresses”. Which we actually fully support, if only because it would be absolutely hilarious to see people walking around in a floaty dress and a pair of slippers that look like they’re still alive.

If you think the slippers are a little bit too much, however, maybe the clogs will be more to your liking?

Gucci clogs

Or maybe not.

Gucci aren’t the only brand making incomprehensibly furry shoes this season, though: nope, Maison Martin Margiela are it too, with these grey faux fur mules:

faux fur mules

We wouldn’t have expected any less of them, really. These are ‘just’ $1,360 at Shopbop, if anyone’s interested: and, if you are interested, you can rest assured that there’s plenty more where those came from.

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