Green wedge “peep toes” by Melissa: explain it to us please


Setting aside the fact that Melissa generally make brightly coloured plastic shoes which are not unlike Crocs, we need to take issue with this:


Seriously, what’s all that about, then? What’s the point? Is there one? Because that’s not really a "peep toe", is it? It’s more like an illustration of what would happen if you took an extra large hole punch to the toe of your (chunky, green) shoes. If it rains, your toes will surely get wet. If it doesn’t rain, fine, but it’s not like it’s exactly adding anything to the shoe, is it? Is it a flower holder? A place to keep your pen? What?!

These are £50 from Topshop, and we should probably point out that Melissa aren’t the only ones doing the "weird hole in the toe" thing lately. Lots of culprits are. We’ll get to them later…

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