Dress of the Day: Green Antoinette dress by Monsoon Fusion

Green Antoinette dress by Monsoon Fusion
We realise Monsoon’s ‘Antoinette’ dress is actually nothing like the pale green Zac Posen dress we featured as Dress of the Day back in November 2007, but we were vaguely reminded of that piece of gorgeousness when we saw it, which is why you’re now seeing it occupying the Dress of the Day column.

Silver and pale green (or, indeed, almost any shade of green) is always going to be a winning combination as far as we’re concerned, and  chiffon is just the right fabric for this dress, which would look lovely with a pair of delicate silver stilettos and some matching jewellery (although not too much).

The design may not compare with the Zac Posen dress, but the price doesn’t either, thankfully – this is £65.

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  • June 27, 2008


    sorry, but I couldn’t HATE this dress more. Looks like a fairy costume a little girl would wear, all that’s missing is a sparkly wand….

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