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Fashion Police at the Grammy Awards 2013: arrivals

Grammy Awards 2013
The Grammy Awards 2013

The Oscars may be the awards ceremony of the year, but when it comes to crimes of fashion, the Grammys are always the ones to watch. When the music world’s finest gather on the red carpet, you’re almost guaranteed to see some serious fashion fails mixed in with those gorgeous gowns. You can see our roundup of suspects from the Grammy Awards 2013 in the gallery below, but here are some of the stand-out fashion moments:

Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards 2013

When Angelina Jolie first patented “The Leg” at last year’s Oscars, it was pretty funny. When everyone started to copy her, however, it was pretty embarrassing. And when J.Lo is STILL doing it a year later, in a desperate bid to show us all how OMGSEXY she still is, it becomes downright tragic. Seriously, if J.Lo thought she could get away with just turning up naked at this point, we think she probably would. On a serious note, though, one of The Fashion Police’s rules of thumb is that if your dress forces you to stand in a really awkward position all night, just so you can show it to its, er, “best” potential, it may not be a crime of fashion, exactly (But it probably is), but it’s probably going to be pretty damn uncomfortable…

Beyonce at the Grammy Awards 2013

So, Beyonce got the memo about the monochrome trend, then. That’s good. We might actually have loved this if it was a dress. Given that its pants, though, it’s giving off a bit of an ice-dancer vibe, and we just can’t decide whether we think it’s completely fabulous or… not so much. We’re leaning towards “love it”. We may change our minds later.

Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2013

Now, we’ve defended Taylor Swift in the past against the charge of Always Being Dressed The Same. We like to see people develop a sense of style that’s identifiably THEIRS, as opposed to being a fashion victim, constantly changing to suit each passing trend, and never really developing a look of their own. All of that said, though, even we’re getting pretty sick of the “Yeah, I’m fabulous: AND?” expression, and endless parade of white dresses here. Yes, white looks amazing on you Taylor. It really does. But we just can’t escape the impression that you only have one dress, and you just wear it over and over again. A change is as good as a rest, you know?

As for the rest, well, as always, we’re going to leave the final judgement up to you, so take a look at the gallery and tell us who your Fashion Criminals and Style Saviours were at the Grammy Awards 2013…

GALLERY: Grammy Awards 2013

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