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P.S. Our profile has only been live for 24 hours, and we’ve added what we thought was a clear disclaimer to it, but already we’re getting questions about Joan Rivers and the E! Network TV show of the same name, so maybe this is as good an opportunity as any to quickly reiterate that we’re not the E! Network – we have no connection to the show, and we’re not able to answer any questions about it – thanks!


  • May 28, 2013


    Thank You!!! ♥

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  • June 3, 2013


    Fur, I mean real fur. It is a wonderful material, but earns mixed reactions. I do not know what makes a sheepskin with the leather scraped off (a. k. a. leather) so different from one with the wool still on – e. g. my Astrakhan jacket – but some people seem to think so (and no, Astrakhan fur is not made by aborting unborn sheep).

    I never bought fur myslef, but now I own several fantastic vintage 60’s fur jackets and a coat that has been turned inside out. Inherited them, of course. They are versatile and flattering and give a wholly new quality to the term “warm” – but is fur a no-no? I am not a vegan and wear quite a lot of leather, too. My own sensibilities are not affected, but are other people’s to the point that I should not be wearing them?

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