Glovers – gloves for lovers

GloversSpotted today over at The Bag Lady, this strange, lumpen looking thing is a "glover" – a "glove for lovers". Do you see what they did there? The idea, just in case it isn’t obvious, is that it’s a great big mitten that you can each get a hand into at the same time. No more romantic walks spoiled by cold hands! No more "mitten on mitten" action! That’s the theory, anyway. In practice, I think the degree of premeditation that would have to go into "Hey, let’s go for a walk! Now, where’s the glover?" would put me off a little. I’d love to hear from anyone who thinks they’d wear these, though. (And if you would, you can buy them for £19.50 from Pedlars. You’ll get two single mittens with it so your other hands don’t get cold either.)

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