Glamour Magazine’s Stiletto Race – ouch!

Stiletto Runing Race

I have a little saying that has served me well throughout my life: "If I can’t do it in my stilettos, it’s probably not worth doing". Luckily, there’s not much I can’t do in my stilettos, hence my other little saying: "If you can do it in your trainers, I can do it in my heels." I can do most things in my heels: I even climbed up a volcano in them once, but we don’t talk about that so much because that was STUPID (and in my defense, I was young, and it was unplanned).

As I grow older, though (and this worries me), I find myself turning to flats more often for certain things. Yesterday, for instance, when I went on my mammoth honeymoon shopping trip? I wore my flats. When I’m actually on holiday? Flip-flops and khussas all the way, baby. (And heels for the evening, natch). And I think that if I were to run 350 meters through the streets of Amsterdam, like the women in the picture above, who are taking part in Glamour Magazine’s Stiletto race, I’d probably prefer to wear something comfortable and – dare I say it – sensible, thanks very much. Of course, that would get me disqualified (heels have to be 7cm to take part) and I wouldn’t win the 10,000 euro prize, but at least I wouldn’t break my ankles, either.

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