Wear or Die

Wear or Die: Shiny!


The Fashion Police were forced to impound another consignment of Great Glam stock this week. We would’ve just thrown it all straight into the jail, but then we thought, “What’s the fun in that when we could force our readers to wear it?” So here you are, folks, welcome to another Wear or Die, featuring the ‘Gilded Dreams’ jumpsuit on the left and the ‘Illusionist’ dress on the right, which has to be viewed from the back to be truly appreciated.

Remember, you will be wearing the item you choose in public, so you can’t opt to hide away somewhere in it, and nor are you allowed to cover it up in any way. The game is Wear or Die, and your task is to choose which one of these two items you’d wear if your choice was either that, or death. Tell us your choice in the comments, and have fun!

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