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Gladiator sandals make a comeback, Fashion Police weep

gladiator sandals

Remember that time back in the mid-late 00s when everyone was wearing gladiator sandals, and it was all Sienna Miller’s fault? The Fashion Police have never been busier, seriously. And when that time ended, and the gladiator sandals started to fade off our fashion radar, we wiped the sweat off our brows, opened a fresh box of doughnuts and thanked the Gods of Fashion that it was finally over and we could finally move on.

And now they’re back. And how.

These ones are by Jeffrey Campbell, and we’re hoping they’re an isolated incident, because if all of the Lita wearers decide to switch to these instead, we’re going to have to employ new officers to deal with it.

Or… maybe we won’t. Because maybe you like the gladiator sandals, and welcome their return to the fashion landscape? Well, do you? We’d love to hear what you think…

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