Gisele Bundchen: Not even supermodels should wear shorts like these


Gisele Bundchen. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? Seriously, she is. But, you know, if we spotted anyone else wearing these shorts, we’d have them off to Fashion Police jail before they could even blink, and we see no reason whatsoever why Gisele should be exempt from that rule.

And you know how this kind of thing always pans out: Gisele is pictured wearing a pair of shorts with the butt cheeks ripped out of them, next thing we know everyone’s wearing denim shorts with the butt cheeks ripped out of them. Even people who really should know better, and who don’t have Gisele’s derriere to show off.

In Gisele’s defense, she was wearing these for a photo shoot, so we’re going to assume that Mario Testino literally forced her to wear them, and let her off the hook – for now. But if this happens again, Gisele, The Fashion Police might not be quite so lenient.

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