Giles Deacon for New Look

Giles deacon new look

I have to admit I’m really quite looking forward to the launch of Giles Deacon’s  collection for New Look – not because it’s Giles Deacon, or because it’s being modelled by Drew Barrymore. Not for any reason, in fact, other than that it’s a brand, spanking new clothing collection, which means that there’s an outside chance at least that it’ll contain something other than freaking tunics. Oh please, Giles, please – please have designed something other than the ubiquitous sack dresses. Because, let me just tell you, I went shopping last week for clothes to wear on my honeymoon, and what did I buy? Well, not a lot really: and what I did buy was mostly vest tops and shoes because, let’s face it, there’s actually NOTHING ELSE out there other than tunics, is there? Nothing.

Sorry. I seem to have slipped into a rant without noticing. Suffice to say, Mr Deacon’s collection will be in stores tomorrow (although probably not in my local store until sometime next season), and if it contains dresses with ACTUAL WAISTS, I will love him for it forever.

Lily Allen for New Look – the shoes

Lily new look shoe collection

Two different styles of shoe on offer from Lily Allen’s collection for New Look: the £12 Converse-style trainer (which, of course, you’re supposed to wear with a prom dress, a la Lily), and the suede peep toes in three colours. Now, the peep toes get no argument from me other than that they’re exactly the same as the shoes New Look sell anyway. I mean, seriously, I have two pairs of shoes from the “Your Feet Look Goregous” collection which are very similar to these, albeit not suede, and I bought a pink suede pair about four years ago which were the-same-but-with-a-bow. So they’re nice, but not exactly ground-breaking. As for the trainers? Well, to me those are some of the ugliest shoes I’ve seen in a long time, but then, I’m not a trainer fan, to say the least. Whaddya think?


  • March 13, 2007

    Haute Girl

    nice dresses!

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  • March 25, 2007


    Apart from the fact that New Look clothing has the most bizaare fit ever…baggy here, tight there…god knows how many safety pins they’ve used for the Drew Barrymore shoot…

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