Gifts for Shoe Lovers* – the Stiletto Shoe Door Stop

Red Stiletto Shoe Door Stop Got a shoe-lovin’ lady in your life? Stuck for what to buy her for Christmas? Can’t quite believe we’re mentioning Christmas here already, because GOD, there’s still two whole months to go, and that’s what God made Christmas Eve for, right? Right. All of that said, I’m quite "taken" by this Stiletto Shoe door stop from You see, it’s a shoe, but it’s also a door stop. Clever, no? No? Well hell, it’s only £5.99 so it’s a darn sight cheaper than those Christian Louboutin’s she’s probably been asking for, that’s for sure. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

* Note: this would actually make quite a crappy present. The Fashion Police accept no responsibility for any disappointment caused…

Another Ideal Gift For Handbag & Shoe Addicts

Handbag & Shoe Addicts

Sorry, sorry… I don’t want to think about Christmas either, but that’s just too bad, because it seems that the retailers want to make me. And if I have to think about it, then you do too. Sorry. With that said, I have stumbled across the perfect Christmas gifts for the handbag and shoe lovers in your lives (or even for yourselves…). These calenders are page-a-day numbers, so every morning you get to feast your eyes on a new pair of shoes of fabulous handbag. Yes, I know they kinda make The Fashion Police a little bit redundant (Although looks like Manoloo Blahnik’s already done that), but hey: pretty shoes and handbags! They’re £7.79 each from Amazon.

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