Gianfranco Ferre dies of a brain hemorrhage

GianfrancoferreMore sad news for the fashion industry this morning as it emerges that designer Gianfranco Ferre has died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage. His fellow designers have been paying tribute to the 62-year-old this morning:

Georgio Armani:
"The image that comes to my mind when thinking of Gianfranco Ferré: A
man of dignity and calm with a sense of responsibility which always
accompanied him. I always observed his work and
particularly admired him for his coherence and the intellectualism and
artistry upon which he based his fashion philosophy until the end."

Donatella Versace:
"He was a gentleman of another time. He was a great couturier that knew
how to create absolute chic with details that I’ll never tire of
looking at and that will remain a part of the history of fashion."

Amen to that. Gianfranco Ferre, The Fashion Police salute you.

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