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Get tangled up in Maison Martin Margiela’s spider-web waistcoat

If the title of this post hadn’t already given the game away, do you think you’d have guessed what this is, readers? Other than a spider’s web, obviously?

We don’t think we’d have guessed it was a waistcoat, so props to Maison Martin Margiela for creating yet another garment that doesn’t actually look like a garment. That must take a lot of skill, you know? Oh, and for those of you still struggling to see the “waistcoat” bit, here it is on a mannequin:

It’s er, still not what we’d call a “waistcoat”, but then again, it’s not actually what we’d call “clothes”, either, so hey ho. It also looks a lot like the kind of thing you’d be able to pick up in some gothic speciality store for less than £20, so it’s not the kind of thing we’d spend £215 on, either. If you would, though, hop over to Browns, with your cash at the ready.

[Thanks to Eva for the report!]
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